BB FlashBack and DiDA
DIDA is a new suite of qualifications offered to all schools and colleges at levels one and two from September 2005 providing an innovative flexible suite of paperless specifications that connects students to the real world of ICT.

As part of the course assessment students must provide an electronic presentation of their work, an ‘e-portfolio’, to the Edexcel exam board.

As a screen recording and movie authoring tool, BB FlashBack allows students to make clear and engaging Flash movies of their project work for use in their e-portfolio. Movies can be annotated with text, explained with a voiceover and highlighted with custom graphics. FlashBack exports movies to SWF format (a listed and approved file format in the DiDA e-portfolio specification) which can then be displayed within a HTML or other navigation system.

BB FlashBack is an ideal software tool for authoring e-portfolios and teaching the DiDA modules.

The Benefits
The benefits of BB FlashBack to students and teachers:
  • Makes SWF movies of DiDA coursework for the e-portfolio.
  • Incredibly easy to use software.
  • Records movies to ask questions and demonstrate work to teaching staff while working remotely.
  • Creates tutorial videos to aid classroom lessons.
  • Distributes and provides movies to facilitate homework and self paced learning.
  • Movie files remain fully editable when sent between students and teachers.
  • Includes all the standard features of the BB FlashBack package.

Pricing – Special Offer!!
If your school, college or centre is running or intends to run the DiDA course then Blueberry is offering BB FlashBack site licences at the very special price of £ 450 per centre. This is a massive discount from our standard site licence price and an opportunity not to be missed!
  • Download an evaluation of BB FlashBack.
  • Contact us to discuss the product.
  • Talk to us about a reduced price eductional site licence.
  • View the DiDA website.
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