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Windows 8 - does BB FlashBack support it? Does BB FlashBack support Windows 8? ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
How do I join / add two movies together? I want to join two movies together. How do I do it? ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
Windows 7 support Does BB FlashBack work on Windows 7? ( Express, Standard, Pro)
Sound and video out of sync I record with sound, but when I play back the movie, the sound and video become more and more out of sync. ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
Can I edit an AVI or Flash file with BB FlashBack? I want to edit an AVI or Flash movie with BB FlashBack. ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
Low frame rate recordings I set frame rate to 25 fps, and record some video. But when I review the recording, it appears to be a much lower frame rate. How do I record at a higher fps? ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
Does BB FlashBack work on 64 bit Windows? I have a 64 bit version of Windows and need to know if BB FlashBack is compatible with that operating system. ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
When I record a video game I get a black screen You try to record a video game, but when the game is on-screen, the recording just shows black. ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)
Downloading version 1.5 I need to reinstall BB FlashBack version 1.5. Where can I download it from? ( Express, Pro, TestAssistant)
Which export format should I use? What are the best settings for low or high quality playback that won't stress PC resources. ( Express, Standard, Pro, TestAssistant)

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Help Manual
The full help manual included with BB FlashBack Express is online here. It describes all of the functions and features in the application.

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BB FlashBack Express includes all the recording, playback, AVI and Flash export functions of BB FlashBack Pro, so many of these items are directly relevant to the Express edition.